We get it, you have tonnes of work to do just to keep things running. You are busy. So why is it worth making the effort to be grant ready? 

Instead of being reactive and scrambling to respond to grant applications as they emerge, you’re in control. You have a clearly defined project with stakeholders on board. 

In our experience, organisations who make the effort to be grant ready are consistently better at winning grants than those who ‘chance it’. The projects they implement also tend to have better outcomes as they have been more thoughtfully designed. 

If you are ready when a grant opportunity arises, you can pull together your proposal by drawing on evidence-based plans to make a strong case for support, instead of frantically trying to design a project and garner support in the tiny window that the grant fund is open for applications. 

Being grant ready will also often save you in the long term if you’re engaging professional assistance, as consultants and grant writers will be able to work with you at a methodical pace instead of putting a rush on your project. You’ll also be able to do much of the pre-work and deliver the content they need, instead of them having to tease it out of you at the last minute. 

What does being grant ready mean?

  • You know what your priority projects are;
  • You’ve sketched out the details of how you’d implement that project; and
  • You have all the supporting documents you need at your fingertips.

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