We take the stress out of tender preparation

Maximising your tender success

Helping you tender right

When your business’ prosperity is dependent on winning more tenders, you need to get it right. That’s where we come in.

We help businesses (for profit and non-profit) with the key elements to success when it comes to winning more bids:

    • Setting the foundations (making sure you’re set up for success prior to tenders being released)
    • Defining your unique value
    • Understanding your client’s real needs (and how you can meet them)
    • Crafting the story to show your value in your bid
    • Developing an offer that has the right balance between value for money for the client and a solid profit for your business

To help you decide if we’re the right team for your next tender writing project, we’ve put together this quick guide to our tender writing services and pricing.

Anna Dixon working on a client's business strategy

Interested in working with us?

We are currently only taking on limited tender writing projects. If you are very committed to winning your next tender and want to invest in professional expertise to help you achieve that goal, we can explore if we are the right fit for you.

Pie chart illustrating who we work with (Agribusiness/Food and Beverage Manufacturers, State Government, Professional Services, Engineering/Manufacturing, Peak Bodies, Other)

Your Tender Writing Partners

Prior to establishing Anna Dixon Consulting, Anna worked extensively in procurement and contract management in a State Government role, including the management of the state of Western Australia’s largest community services contract.

Anna also managed the procurement of a wide range of high-value professional services through tender and RFQ. Anna’s practical experience is complemented by a Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contract Management).

Anna‚Äôs expertise, combined with the rest of our team’s experience in working with business, non-profits and local government on procurement, tender preparation and grant writing, means you know that you’re working with¬†professionals who can create a compelling case for support.

Anna and the team have prepared winning tenders for non-profits (including those tendering for services to be delivered under the DCSP Policy framework), as well as small businesses tendering for service-based projects ranging from $250k through to $3m.

Client Case Studies

Our expertise in tender writing and tender evaluation means you gain an insider’s perspective of the procurement process. To give you an insight into the types of clients we have supported and how we’ve delivered value for them, here’s some praise and stories from just a few of our tender writing and procurement clients.

Sparrowly Group

When Sparrowly Group had the opportunity to tender for a major government contract during the early stages of their business, Giovanna knew they needed expert advice to be competitive. The team were realistic and went into the process hoping just to raise awareness of their services. Thanks to their specialist skills and experience and our help telling their story, they went on to secure an extremely lucrative government contract that has underpinned their subsequent massive growth (including finalist status in the Telstra Business Awards).  

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Anna for many years and enlisted her services to assist Sparrowly Group with a major tender that represented a huge opportunity for us. Her advice was practical and pragmatic, and having her expert eye to finesse our submission made a substantial contribution to us winning! I loved working with Anna and look forward to our next project together.”

Giovanna Lever – Opportunity Creator & Problem Solver, Sparrowly Group

WA Country Health Service

When WA Country Health had a complicated procurement process in the child health services space with some short, hard deadlines, they needed expert help. We stepped in to manage the process and allow their senior team to focus on their core business, while trusting the procurement process would be rolled out in a diligent and efficient manner.

“Anna worked with us on a complex procurement process with very tight timelines. Anna was a pleasure to work with ‚Äď personable and approachable, she understood the time constraints and organisational pressures, offering practical solutions to the issues.

The feedback from our regional team was so positive ‚Äď her professional approach and procurement knowledge saw her effectively support both our staff and external providers through the process.

Anna was an effective communicator, keeping us across the progress of her tasks in the project while working independently to implement them effectively. Engaging Anna proved to be a cost-effective way to take the pressure off us during this complex process. I‚Äôd absolutely recommend Anna to anyone looking for support in a procurement. To be able to hand a project over and be confident it was going to be done well and within timeframes is very reassuring and allowed me to use my time to best effect.”

Kylee Cox, Program Manager – Population Health, WA Country Health Service

Community Service Contracts

The procurement process can be very stressful for not-for-profits. Often your team are experts at delivering services to your core clients but tender writing is something out of your comfort-zones. Yet the ongoing viability of your organisation is dependent on continuing to win government contracts to deliver services.

Our team is very experienced in working with not-for-profits in this space (both in supporting clients to develop winning offers, as well as working in government managing the procurement of these types of services). We offer practical support with a genuine understanding of the stress this process may be causing your team. 

We have worked with a wide range of community organisations to prepare winning tenders for major community services contracts, including Community Resource Centres, Neighbourhood Centres, Child Service providers and Business Support Service providers.

“Anna provided a professional tender development service and worked at a level that was understandable to all the staff and committee and she was extremely approachable and listened to us. The service was great value and a sound investment. We would highly recommend her services.”

Debbie Morris – Manager – Merredin Community Resource Centre