Sustainable Development

Supporting sustainable development in local government and the community.

Our sustainable development services help you transform science-based sustainability into practical action. We enjoy working with local governments and businesses to strengthen their sustainability, not only for the positive impact it has on our world, but also because it makes sense. We see the benefits to our clients in improved regulatory compliance, cost reductions and enhanced relationships with their community, customers and even employees.

Rhiannon leads our sustainable development services, bringing her tertiary knowledge (Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management, along with a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning – completion end 2018) with a life-long commitment to promoting responsible environmental practices from an individual to organisational level.

Rhiannon and the rest of the Anna Dixon Consulting team consistently strive to make sound environmental and social choices to leave a positive legacy. We offer a range of options, tailored to your needs and focus. Our services include:

  • Advisory Service – Coaching you and your team to identify and implement sustainability strategies.
  • Baseline Measurement – We’ll analyse your baseline information on the big three (energy, water & waste) or we can delve deeper into other aspects of your business’ impact. We’ll report back on your current situation and work with you to define priorities for action moving forward.
  • Target Setting – Following a baseline analysis we can work with you to define achievable, meaningful goals and develop plans to attain them.
  • Community Engagement for Sustainability – We work with local governments and non-profits to design and implement ways to engage your local community in sustainability-focused projects. This ranges from large plans and strategies through to specific projects you need extra support with, such as helping your local community transition to the plastic bag ban.
  •  Environmental SWOT – we provide an independent review of your existing sustainability strategies and plans (and identify gaps), along with an examination of your environmental assets and your plans to conserve and enhance these. For each asset, we’ll also help you to identify key stakeholders to partner with.
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals – if you’d like to be part of something much bigger, you can. We can support you to develop practical and local actions that are also tied to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), global goals for 2030.
  • Plastic Bag Ban– we work with local governments to prepare their communities for the transition to plastic bag bans, along with supporting small businesses with strategies to manage these changes in terms of operational practices and communication with customers.