Research Specialists

Research and analysis is our superpower – we gather the information that matters and provide insightful advice based on evidence.

Evidence-based decisions; clear recommendations

Our team are detail-orientated research specialists. We combine our ability to critique technical material and interrogate data with excellent written communication skills, allowing us to produce highly readable reports, even when tackling complex topics. We subscribe to a range of industry and technical reports that provide us with deep insights not readily available to the public, allowing our clients to have the edge over competitors, make more informed decisions or effectively advocate for their needs.

We have a particular expertise and interest in:

  • Regional development
  • Sustainability and climate change
  • Agriculture
  • Premium food and beverage manufacturing
  • Strategic land use planning

We offer a range of research and analysis services including:

  • Literature and trend reviews
  • Situational analysis
  • Market insights
  • Policy Positions
  • Submissions
  • Data analysis
  • Case studies
  • Stakeholder engagement (including surveys, interviews and forums)

Clients we’ve helped

We love that our research has made a genuine difference to our communities – informed by quality information, agencies have been empowered to shape their decision making to best effect.   

If you’re interested in joining the ranks of our many satisfied clients, make a time to discuss your requirements.

Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development

Over the years we’ve completed a wide range of research and consultation on behalf of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. A snapshot includes:

  • Socio-economic situational analysis of drought-vulnerable communities, based on detailed analysis of data relating to population demography, agricultural production, land use and climate. 
  • Desktop-based review of extensive research conducted as part of a Departmental project into the meat value-adding industry.  Our team compiled this research into a cohesive and comprehensive report for use by the Department and the Meat and Livestock Association.
  • Facilitation of face-to-face consultations with DPIRD to assist them in relation to the Intergovernmental Agreement on National Drought Program Reform. At the time, they also wanted to engage with stakeholders and community representatives in relation to their approach to the challenging 2017 seasonal conditions.
  • Facilitation of an information session and a consultation session with stakeholders and community representatives (PGA, Grower Groups, CWA, community service providers etc.) to provide them with an understanding of the current context, the consultation process and their opportunity to influence it.  We then gathered their perspectives on the needs of the sector and prepared a detailed summary of consultation findings and recommendations for action by DPIRD.
  • Comprehensive literature review of trends in drought research, polices and plans, and drought related tools, science-based initiatives and related projects and programs.

City of Armadale

The City of Armadale was keen to understand the value and impact of their Volunteer Resource Centre. We worked with them on an extensive evaluation process involving online surveys and phone interviews with service users. This process, along with a review of internal operations, allowed us to provide a comprehensive evaluation along with recommendations for process improvements to further strengthen their valued service.

National Disability Services WA

We undertook a comprehensive evaluation of the WA ACROD parking scheme to understand the internal processes for assessing applications, issuing permits and renewals.  We also undertook a comprehensive survey (871 responses out of a sample of 1,320), interviews with stakeholder organisations, and case studies of best practice in other jurisdictions. This was then used to inform specifications for a bespoke software package to streamline the application management process.

Ready to get started on your research project?

We only take a limited number of feasibility study and research clients each quarter. Most feasibility studies take around 6-8 weeks to develop, so ensure you leave enough lead time to work with us before you need your document ready to go.