Embrace the fact that you are a leader.

We believe that everyone is a leader, each leading in their own unique way. Don’t be shy about it or discount your leadership potential. Leading is not necessarily tied to being a boss, sitting on a board, or acting in some other formal leadership position.

Leadership is also about how you conduct yourself and the energy you bring to the world. Leadership is not telling other people what to do, it is about the example you set to others. 

How to improve your leadership potential

  • Identify your core values (such as integrity, fairness, reliability, collaboration, pragmatism or creativity) and act in alignment with them;
  • Build up those around you – encourage others to believe in themselves and pursue their goals in alignment with their values;
  • Give your time and resources to people, projects, and organisations that align with your values and objectives.
  • Always keep learning and looking for new opportunities to expand your knowledge. No matter how experienced you are, there will always be something else to pursue.
  • Know when to follow – learn to recognise the leadership potential in others, and when a situation might call for another’s experience or expertise. Don’t feel threatened by it.

How does all of this help your business?

Why is taking a leadership mindset important in any organisation? As an active community member, you have a powerful opportunity to influence and create positive change. For your clients, your team and for your community.

It’s also about empowering you. Embracing that you have unique value and leadership potential can make a genuine difference, through both your work and the way you demonstrate what’s possible to those around you.