More than grant writers, we’re grant winners.

We work with you to create winning propositions – credible evidence crafted into a compelling story. 

When You Need A Grant Writing Expert

Our team are pros when it comes to grant writing – in the last two years we’ve secured over $17 million in funding and contracts for clients. Our grant writers are based in Perth and regional Western Australia, understanding the nuances of the local context as well as the technical aspects of grant writing (and grant winning). 

Our Director, Anna, spent years in government in roles involving the design of grant funds, along with the assessment of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of grant funds (and the management of awarded funds. This delivers our clients the unique insights of  a grant assessor’s understanding of what funding bodies are looking for, coupled with practical experience of designing and implementing grant-funded projects.

We work with our clients to design projects that are clearly defined and tightly focused on their objectives. This careful planning supports the development of quality grant applications that are more likely to be successful, as well as setting up the client to be able to effectively implement the project once funded.

Grant writing is about more than just communicating what the project aims to do – it’s about telling your story in a compelling and convincing way. Our grant writing team as professional writers who are experts when it comes to positioning your value and impact.

When working with us, you can choose to engage us for a comprehensive service that includes preparing business cases and other pre-application services through to a shorter engagement to just prepare (or review) your grant application.

Our Process

We partner with clients from end-to-end of our process, or can work on discrete phases. 


We work with you and your stakeholders to precisely understand the issue you are addressing and its features.


We undertake comprehensive research and consultation to explore the issue and potential solutions.


We partner with you to shape an evidence-based approach to the issue and document it in a robust project plan.


We craft strong grant applications (and supporting documentation) based on the evidence and written in a compelling and engaging style.