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Win More Grants, Tenders & Investment

We offer Western Australia’s most comprehensive grant funding service range 

Get the right foundations to win that grant or tender

Winning a grant or tender is so much more than just the application. In some ways, that’s the easy part.

We work with clients to create the foundations that will set them up for success when it comes to grants and tenders. 

Our grant search service helps you pinpoint potential grant funds, while our advisory service offers an in-depth look at your situation as we develop a tailored funding strategy for you.

Many grants require evidence of your project’s viability and outcomes (and you want to be assured of these yourself too) and that’s where our research and feasibility study services and business case preparation comes in. Often, we’re able to arm clients with the information and evidence they need to successfully apply for grants themselves.

And when you need a grant writing team, we’re here for you too. We bring the expertise of being grant writers but also grant assessors, so we’ve got the insider’s view on what funding bodies need to hear to give you the ‘yes’ you want.

Likewise, our team also include experienced procurement professionals, knowledgable about the bid process and what the tender evaluation panel need to see to feel confident you are the right choice. We’ll help you shape your offer to speak to the client’s requirements, as well as help you get your documentation looking top notch so you’ll stand out in a crowded market.

Grant writers

Our Comprehensive Grant Funding Services

Learn more about our grant funding services, including advice on how to find suitable grants, developing foundational documents (including feasibility studies and business cases) and finally, preparing grant applications.

Grant Writing

If you’re looking at a highly competitive grant fund you need a very sharp application. Whether you need help getting the foundations in place, or writing your application, we can help.

Our team are pros when it comes to grant writing –  we’ve netted over $18 million in funding and contracts for clients in the last few years. 

Tender Writing

Bid preparation is complex and stressful. We work with businesses who are serious about winning more tenders and want to invest in expert advice to help them craft tenders that share their value, show value for money (and deliver them a healthy profit).

Business Cases

A business case will do more than just provide you with a pitch to funders, it will give you the assurance that your project is well defined, viable,  and sustainable, with clear, positive outcomes.

Ready to effectively position your organisation and project with funders and influencers? We are the team to help you.

Pitches & Proposals

When you need a compelling case for investment, we work with you to nail down your unique offering and value to maximise your chances of a ‘yes’.

Whether it’s a pitch deck, investment prospectus or JV proposal, we give you the tools to communicate your value

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