Project Funding Advice

Our funding experts are here to help you gain clarity on the best options to fund your key projects.

Your team for expert funding advice

Having a project you’re keen to pursue is great, but being stuck not knowing how to fund it can be frustrating.

Stop feeling frustrated about how you’ll fund your project or concept. Stop worrying about missing out on grants (and that your competitors are snapping them up). Instead, work with us to get clarity on your options and the best way forward. Whatever your budget and needs, we have a solution for you.

To help you gain clarity about your options, we offer a range of funding advisory services to help you understand your options and how to move forward.

Anna Dixon and Carmen Berry from Anna Dixon Consulting looking at a laptop and working on a client grant funding strategy

Specialised Funding Advice

This service is designed for businesses and organisations with a major project requiring funding but you:

  • don’t know where to start when it comes to finding grants;
  • don’t have the time to search online to find grants;
  • don’t want to waste time trying to work out where to start with funding;
  • want have clarity about whether grants are a realistic avenue for your situation;
  • are looking for insights into how the grants process works and how to set yourself up for the maximum chance of success; 
  • want some guidance as to how to proceed if there is not grant funding available.

Grant Advisory Service


This service includes a 45 minute video call with one of our funding experts to understand your project needs and discuss key points to consider when seeking government funding. We’ll then search our extensive database of Australian based grant funds.

We’ll deliver you a comprehensive, curated report outlining potential grant options, along with our advice on your best approach to secure funding. 

Anna Dixon and Carmen Berry discussing a client's grant funding strategy