Feasibility Study Specialists

Make informed decisions on your exciting opportunities. We explore your opportunities to map a way forward.

Invest in a feasibility study to remove doubt and create a clear path forward

Is your business or organisation considering a new venture? Do you need clarity about whether to pursue it and how to go about it?  A feasibility study can give you guidance and reassurance on the viability of your project.  It’s also a useful tool to communicate your intentions to stakeholders and funders.

Whether you need a comprehensive feasibility study, or niche research, our team focus on delivering evidence-based, well researched studies. We’ll objectively consider all options and scenarios to map out the best path.

We understand how important it is to seize opportunities and make good decisions. By undertaking a feasibility study, we help you consider your options carefully and objectively and work out the best way forward.  You may have a great business or project idea, but how do you know if it’s actually going to work?

A feasibility study will look at the landscape around your idea and how likely it is that your project will be successful.  We’ll objectively consider all options and scenarios to map out the best path.  This document is  a valuable decision-making tool for you and your stakeholders and can help you define your goals and decide how your project will operate. 

Research is a core part of many feasibility studies, and in addition to our full feasibility service, we also offer a stand-alone range of information finding options including:

  • Options analysis
  • Literature and trend reviews
  • Benchmarking and case studies
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Stakeholder consultation including surveys, interviews and forums

Do you need a feasibility study, a business case or a business plan?

A feasibility study is a formal assessment of whether your proposed project can work (and the best way forward). If you’ve already researched your project, you know it’s solid, and your planning is well underway (especially if you are a business), you may not need a feasibility study. A business case or business plan may be the next step for you.

What’s the difference between a business plan and business case? A business plan is a long term roadmap for your business, while a business case is used to secure funding for your project and convince investors that it deserves support.  You’ll need to have these documents ready when you start looking for funding for your project. We can work with you to develop an individualised plan for your business.

If you need advice on funding and grant options, we recommend having a quick chat with us to determine how to maximise your chances of funding for your next venture.

Clients we’ve helped

We’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients from many different sectors (not-for-profits, businesses and local governments) but they all have one thing in common. They had a viable project and needed help communicating their value to stakeholders. We helped them nail their goals using our expertise in business planning and analysis, feasibility studies and market research.   

Shire of Northam

We’ve worked with the Shire of Northam on multiple complex projects over the years, including a number of feasibility studies ranging from early years services to community hubs. 

One of the more unique projects was exploring options for free caravan rest stops for the Shire to attract more tourists. Our comprehensive study included research into industry trends along with examination of the economic and environmental impact of various options. Our partners at Slavin Architects worked with us to prepare design drawings to bring concepts to life, with the Shire committing to implementing the solutions we presented.

“Having worked with Anna Dixon Consulting over the last 6 years, it is apparent that the passion, knowledge and expertise that Anna brings to the table is significant. We have engaged Anna for multiple projects and, at all times, they have been delivered on time, within budget and often exceeding expectations. We will look to actively engage with Anna into the future.”

Jason Whiteaker, CEO – Shire of Northam

City of Albany

We worked with the City of Albany to review their operations and governance of the Vancouver Arts Centre (operated by the City).  We helped them identify a business and governance model that would help them transition the Centre to a new location in the heart of the City. This project considered:

  • Current situation including strategic direction and SWOT analysis;
  • Defining of three scenarios for operation including overview of each option’s governing model, key functions, risks and considerations, and key actions for  successful implementation;
  • Case studies of three similar operations;
  • Identification of social and economic benefits; and
  • High-level estimates of operating costs and potential revenue sources.

National Disability Services WA

We undertook a comprehensive evaluation of the WA ACROD parking scheme to understand the internal processes for assessing applications, issuing permits and renewals.  We also undertook a comprehensive survey (871 responses out of a sample of 1,320), interviews with stakeholder organisations, and case studies of best practice in other jurisdictions. This was then used to inform specifications for a bespoke software package to streamline the application management process.

City of Armadale

The City of Armadale was keen to understand the value and impact of their Volunteer Resource Centre. We worked with them on an extensive evaluation process involving online surveys and phone interviews with service users. This process, along with a review of internal operations, allowed us to provide a comprehensive evaluation along with recommendations for process improvements to further strengthen their valued service.

Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development

Over the years we’ve completed a wide range of research and consultation on behalf of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Most recently, a desktop-based project involved the review of extensive research conducted as part of a Departmental project into the meat value-adding industry.  Our team compiled this research into a cohesive and comprehensive report for use by the Department and the Meat and Livestock Association.

We were also engaged in face-to-face consultations with DPIRD to assist them in relation to the Intergovernmental Agreement on National Drought Program Reform. At the time, they also wanted to engage with stakeholders and community representatives in relation to their approach to the challenging 2017 seasonal conditions.

We facilitated an information session and a consultation session with stakeholders and community representatives (PGA, Grower Groups, CWA, community service providers etc.) to provide them with an understanding of the current context, the consultation process and their opportunity to influence it.  We then gathered their perspectives on the needs of the sector and prepared a detailed summary of consultation findings and recommendations for action by DPIRD.

Ready to get started on your research project?

We only take a limited number of feasibility study and research clients each quarter. Most feasibility studies take around 6-8 weeks to develop, so ensure you leave enough lead time to work with us before you need your document ready to go.