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Practical business plans and advice

While most small business owners know they should be planning, the reality is that many don’t. Or at least not formally. Instead they walk around with a lot of ideas in their head and a general sense of where they think they’re heading. It’s tiring and doesn’t deliver the best results.

We work with small business owners who want an objective listener to help them articulate their vision and map out a plan to achieve that long term goal. Rather than massive documents that you’ll never refer to, we have a customised planning process that delivers you a clear, easy to understand business plan to guide your activities and quickly communicate your direction with your team.

Many of our clients also enjoy being able to check back in with us at regular intervals to check they are on track with their goals, as well as discussing how to tackle issues and opportunities as they arise.

If you’re ready to explore how to grow your business, worry less and focus on what’s most important to helping you move forward, our support might be just what you need. 

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Business Plans that share your value

If you’re serious about securing finance or other investment, you need the documentation that will convince a lender that you’re a good risk.

Our comprehensive business plans draw together your background research, project information and financial projections, enhanced by our team’s further research and analysis. 

We’re experienced in working with both commercial clients and government agencies to prepare business plans for expansion projects, new services and new facilities.

We offer clients two options when it comes to preparing your supporting financials:

DIY Financial Plan – If you’re confident with your numbers, you take responsibility for crunching the numbers and presenting them (with our team focusing on telling the story of your proposal).

Detailed Financial Plan Development – When you want an independent analysis of your situation, we give you access to our cash flow forecasting partner to help you automate and analyse your financials using sophisticated software solutions (delivering ongoing insights and reassurance you’re on track beyond the term of our engagement).

Our team will be guided by your expert understanding of your business and help translate your ideas into a compelling case for support.

At the same time, we add value wherever possible, bringing our expertise and experience to the process. We’ll identify new opportunities, provide different perspectives and share our thoughts on strategies to move the project forward. A common outcome of working with our clients on business planning is the development of performance indicator dashboards that allow clients to monitor their performance and key on track with their goals. 

Presentation is important too. If you don’t already have your own branded corporate templates, our in-house designer can create a solution that elevates your overall professionalism and matches your existing brand elements.

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Secure Your Spot

If you are expecting to be seeking some form of investment in the next three months, we recommend flagging your interest with us as soon as possible. We take only a limited number of investment seekers each quarter to ensure we can devote the time you need from us.  You do not need to commit to the engagement immediately, but to avoid missing out your best bet is to get on our list of prospective clients as soon as you can.