Business Planning with Strategy 

Tailored programs to help you thrive as the CEO

Your path to strategic growth

Being excellent in your field isn’t enough to guarantee you success in business.

In fact, focusing on ‘doing the doing’ for your clients and trying to juggle planning for your business is probably going to leave you frustrated (and really, really tired). And the end result might be that neither one is done to a high standard. But what’s the alternative?

You want to be more profitable. You want to stop guessing about what the next step should be. You want a clear vision for the future and how you’ll get there (and bring your team along).

Thriving, profitable businesses are led by business owners who confidently step into the role of CEO and drive the business forward.

We work with you to step into the CEO role, setting your direction and designing the strategies and tactics to achieve your goals.

Ready to be the CEO?

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Anna Dixon working on a business planning process with a team member

Business Planning Day

This is your opportunity to press pause and take a look at the big picture.

Facilitated by our Director, Anna Dixon, these day long sessions are tailored to your business’ unique context.

Each session kicks off with a look at your business’ foundations: values, purpose, niche and 10-year goal.

Once we’ve understood the bedrocks of your business, we’ll look at who your customers are – really exploring their characteristics and how you serve them.

Get ready to feel a little uncomfortable as we then work to name your biggest challenges. But don’t worry, this is where the magic happens – those blockers are often your big opportunities to take a leap forward once you name them and address them.

And then it’s the practical steps – where you want to be in three years time and mapping that back to what has to happen this quarter and this year.

Following the session, you’ll receive a ‘plan on a page’, distilling this session into a highly accessible, succinct document to guide your direction and provide clear measures for success.

Business Planning Day FAQ

Is this for me? Or my team?

You choose. We can either work one-on-one with you in a private session; or we can tailor a session designed to bring your team along with the planning process and incorporate their ideas and insights. 

I don't have a this for me?

Absolutely. We love working with solo business owners (or partnerships). It’s a great opportunity for you to invite someone into your business with fresh eyes and be your strategic guide in mapping out the way forward.

Online or in real life? Where does it happen?

We’re based in the South West of Western Australia (Busselton to be precise) and we’re open to working face-to-face with clients in the South West and Perth Metro. Otherwise, Zoom works well too and we have a custom process to work together online without everyone’s eyes glazing over. We can travel further afield, subject to our availability. Please enquire.

What's the investment?

For Zoom and Busselton sessions, prices start from $1,800 ex GST. Please enquire and we’ll tailor a session to your requirements.

A one page plan? That sounds...short.

Be honest. Are you going to read (and use) a 50+ page plan? We think not. Our one-page plans are carefully designed to capture your vision and goals, mapping out a clear strategy. At a glance, anyone can quickly understand your business and how you are planning to grow.

I need a bank loan - will this plan be enough?

In short, no. This is designed to be a practical plan for you and your team. A lender will want to see a lot more detail. We prepare bank ready business plans – you can read more here.

Who we work with

In our Business Planning and Strategy program, we only work with companies with less than 25 employees. In fact, many of our clients are either running their business solo or leading a small team. Our focus is on small business owners who will gain maximum value from a strategic partner, as they are often working in isolation without the benefit of an executive team to be their sounding board.

We specialise in business strategy and advice for businesses with a service focus – some of our clients include lawyers, software developers, exercise physiologists, consultants, wedding planners, creatives and trainers.

Something all our business planning clients have in common is a strong sense of integrity and a commitment to excellence. These clients range from those wanting to build a micro-business to sustain themselves and a comfortable lifestyle, to those with (realistic) aspirations to scale and sell their business to yield millions.

Need more information before you make a decision?

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