Why confetti? Well, it’s a lot better than getting glitter everywhere, that’s for sure. But also, we’re sharing a client case study today about the super-savvy team at Confetti and Co.


Established for over 12 years, Sarah and Holly are a rarity in the wedding planning game. Most wedding planners go hard for a few years, and then fall into an exhausted heap and go back to a corporate role. But these guys are different. Some early keys to their success:

🎖️ Superior, attention to detail service.

💰 Investing in quality branding and marketing.

🗣️ Building momentum with word-of-mouth referrals.

 Constantly booked out, they were ready to level up. They wanted to start saying ‘no’ and refine who they worked with and what services they provided. By guiding them through the process of creating an ideal client avatar, we helped them to create Kate – the embodiment of their ‘dream client’. Armed with this they overhauled their marketing message to speak to Kate. Sarah’s words – ‘It’s a bloody miracle, all these new clients are Kates’.

Since then we’ve kept in contact and Sarah and Holly have continued to use our strategy session service when they’ve been at a critical growth point in their business. We’ve been on their side as they’ve made decisions such as:

✔️ How to develop systems to allow them to onboard more wedding planners and assistants (and know that their same impeccable standards are maintained).

✔️ Outsource social media marketing.

✔️ Design a structured sales process to support their staff to close deals, instead of being dependent on their involvement.

✔️ Enhance their client agreements.

✔️ Developing fixed priced packages.

Essentially, they’ve moved from being wedding planners to being CEOs (and delivering so much more value because they have created an amazing, replicable system that is delivered by a motivated team).

While most of our team’s time is spent working on larger projects, we also keep a chunk of time each month working with business owners who want to take a leap forward, just like Sarah and Holly.

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