It’s easy to be focused on delivering – whether you’re in government or the not-for-profit space. But it’s important to communicate about the difference you’re making if you want to stay relevant to the people who mean most to your organisation (users, funders, supporters).

It’s boring advice, but planning makes it happen. Simple is best (because you’ll actually read it and use it). When we work with clients on their comms strategies, we ultimately want them to have a practical tool that guides the ‘doing’. Here are four key questions your strategy should answer:

  1. WHO you’re communicating with;
  2. WHY you’re communicating;
  3. HOW you’re going to do it; and
  4. WHEN it’s going to happen.

This kind of planning allows you to take a proactive approach to communication and manage how you share your message. Instead of your supporters only hearing from you when you need help or information, we can assist you to develop an approach to drip feed them constant information about how you make a difference.

If you’re launching a project, when it comes to communicating with stakeholders, you need to 10x your attention to detail in your planning. Comms is where you can get it really right…or terribly, terribly wrong. Got something like this on the horizon? Get in early and start planning your strategy before you start talking with your people.

And if you’re thinking ‘communication’ is the same as ‘engagement‘ think again, that’s a whole other ball game. You can read a quick primer on the difference here.

If the communications (or engagement) strategy and implementation for your next big project are stressing you out, we offer an outsourced solution. Our team includes communications specialists – ranging from communication planning, through to crisis communications support (hopefully you never need that help, but we’re here if you do). We can help with:

  • Communications and/or stakeholder planning
  • Template material
  • Custom content
  • Graphic design
  • Coaching and advice

Need help? Reply and we can chat about your requirements and help you tackle the project with confidence.