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Recently we made a submission to the terms of reference for the Aviation White Paper.

Aviation to 2050

We understand how important aviation is to viable regional communities and economies across our vast state.

Aviation intersects with a range of sectors we work with, including government, advanced manufacturing, and agribusiness, to name a few.

We also see many opportunities that can be harnessed through strategic planning and investment.

That’s why we were pleased to see terms of reference for an Aviation White Paper announced by the Commonwealth Government. This work aims to guide the Australian aviation sector out to 2050.

Our submission

We partnered with regional health provider Fly2Health on a submission into the terms of reference. Fly2health have a commitment to provide equal healthcare through their visiting aviation health service into regional communities.

Our comments focused on:

  • regional aviation
  • general aviation (GA)
  • sustainable aviation fuels (SAF)
  • planning and development, and
  • regulation.

We called on aviation in regional Australia to be elevated to a cross-cutting theme, due to its importance across each area. We also called on more efficient and effective regulation within the sector.

You can read our submission in full here.

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